Initiatives for Global Cooperation e.V. (IGC) is a dynamic and forward-thinking non-governmental organization, established in 2018 in Konstanz, Germany. With a profound commitment to creating a better world, IGC actively organizes and supports a diverse range of initiatives encompassing educational, multicultural, recreational, scientific, and humanitarian activities.

At the core of IGC’s mission lies a vision to foster a society that embodies values of health, education, tolerance, and modernity. Drawing strength from its international roots and a dedicated team, the organization goes beyond traditional approaches, adding a unique program of intercultural integration, exchange activities, and entrepreneurship projects. Through these endeavors, IGC aims to uplift and empower individuals facing challenging circumstances, helping them thrive in a globalized world.

Through a blend of innovation and collaboration, IGC stands as a catalyst for positive change. Whether it’s facilitating educational programs, fostering cultural exchange, or providing support during humanitarian crises, the organization strives to make a tangible impact in people’s lives.

Guided by the principles of transparency, integrity, and inclusivity, IGC operates with a deep sense of responsibility towards the communities it serves. The organization collaborates with governments, NGOs, and stakeholders worldwide, leveraging partnerships to maximize its reach and effectiveness.

Our Team

Zviad Arabidze
Zviad ArabidzeChairman
Certified Intercultural interpreter
Sociology and Ethnology
Nino Nikolashvili
Nino Nikolashvili Program Manager
Masters of Public Relations
Bachelor of Social and Political Sciences
Ia Zbinden
Ia ZbindenSenior Consultant
Master of Classical Philology
Translator-interpreter in High Court
PhD Student of Philosophy at the University of Fribourg
Tato Makhashvili
Tato MakhashviliDigital Project Manager
Master of Theater Critic – TV Journalist
TV – Radio Producer